Workshop Lamp

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The Workshop Lamp from Made by Hand dates back to a design by the Danish designer A. Wedel-Madsen, who designed an iron workshop light in 1951, one which should provide adequate lighting in every situation and make working easier. In 2014, the Danish manufacturer Made by Hand reissued the lamp in aluminum and in various sizes: whereby it still offers perfect working light for every need. The Workshop Lamp is available in various hues varnishes as well as in particularly noble versions in copper and thus not only illuminates workshops but does so in a stylish way.

Aluminium, Blue, Copper, Dark Black, Grey, Matte Black, Matte White, Racing Green, Shiny Black, White, Wine Red and Yellow.

W1: H: 12,5 cm x Ø 18 cm
W2: H: 19 cm x Ø 28 cm
W3: H: 24 cm x Ø 35 cm
W4: H: 30,5 cm x Ø 50 cm
W5: H: 45,5 cm x Ø 82 cm