Louis Poulsen

VL45 Radiohus Pale Rose Pendant

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In 2016 the Radiohus Pendant made a comeback under the name of VL45 Radiohus Pendant. It was originally designed in the 1940s by Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen in partnership with Louis Poulsen for the construction of the Radiohuset building (the Danish broadcasting house) in Copenhagen. The pendant features the original design, with a brass suspension as well as a shade of three layers of mouth-blown glass. The fixture provides uniform, general and diffused illumination. The opening at the bottom of the glass produces downwards directed light. The quality of the glass ensures that the fixture is evenly lit.

Shade: Mouth-blown pale rose coloured glass with white innerside. Pendant fitting: Untreated brushed brass, will patinate.


Small: W: 17.5 cm, H: 24.6 cm,  L : 17.5 cm
Medium: W: 25 cm, H: 32.8 cm, L: 25 cm