Tom Rossau

TR5 Pendant

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The TR5 pendant is ideal for the dining table. The open structure of the lampshade provides an enchanting spread of light while it conceals the source of its radiance. A cosy and functional lamp where good craftsmanship and authenticity go hand in hand.

PC/Nonwoven, Birch, Brushed Aluminium

1: Ø: 40 cm, H: 18 cm 
2: Ø: 60 cm, H: 20 cm
3: Ø: 80 cm, H: 22 cm
4: Ø: 100 cm, H: 30 cm 

Birch Natural
Birch Black
Birch Gray
Birch Brown
Birch Yellow
Birch Red
Birch Green
Birch Blue
Plastic White
Brushed Aluminium Copper
Brushed Aluminium Silver
Brushed Aluminium Gold