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The Architect Finn Juhl

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Finn Juhl was one of Denmark’s most original furniture designers. At the triennials in Milan in the 1950s he received no fewer than five gold medals, and it was also during this era that he won world renown for his furniture. As an interior designer, Finn Juhl achieved international acclaim with his interior designs for the UN Headquarter in New York, and as an exhibition architect he created the big exhibitions of Danish craft and design abroad that helped establish the concept of ‘Danish Design’. This classic book on Finn Juhl was authored by writer Esbjørn Hiort, who was a close personal friend of Finn Juhl’s. Thus, the book draws a well-rounded portrait of this furniture designer, who was one of the leading figures behind the development of the concept of Danish Design.

24.5 × 1.7 × 30.5 cm