Slimline Sofa

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Slimline is a classic expression for the values that have characterized the well-known Eilersen brand since the beginning of 1895 when it wasn’t sofas but coaches that bore the signature of the family business. The furniture is, therefore, a manifestation of elegance, durability, and quality. Traditions exist to be renewed and it is, therefore, a pleasure for the eyes, small of the back and back that the renowned design principles live proudly on in a modern sofa, which in all probability could not have been made a gram lighter than it is.

*Contact us for upholstery and configuration options*

1: H: 67cm, L: 180cm, D: 92cm
2: H: 67cm, L: 200cm, D: 92cm
3: H: 67cm, L: 220cm, D: 92cm
4: H: 67cm, L: 240cm, D: 92cm