Fritz Hansen

Planner™ Shelving Series

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Designed by the late Paul McCobb, a pioneer of contemporary democratic design, the Planner™ Shelving series combines his signature graphic aesthetic with elegant expression. Named after its ability to help shape the design of a room, the simple yet striking shelving is available in three versions, each in varying heights and configurations. The Planner MC500 has evenly spaced shelves and displays Paul McCobb’s signature approach to design with simple, repeated forms, and visual transparency.

MC500: H: 84.4cm, W: 120.7cm, D: 38.1cm
MC510: H: 123.2cm, W: 120.7cm, D: 38.1cm
MC520: H: 165cm, W: 120.7cm, D: 38.1cm

Steel Black

Veneer Oak