Pavilion Desk

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When Anderssen & Voll created their Pavilion chair series, the award-winning duo drew their design cues from the iconic Langelinie Pavilion. Now, this light and lyrical aesthetic has been translated into a compact desk intended to suit both office and home spaces. Designed at the start of the pandemic, the Pavilion desk took the demands of home-working into consideration with a version that boasts a back panel.

Black Linoleum (4023) w. black lacquered oak & black base
Mushroom Linoleum (4176) w. lacquered oak & chrome base
Iron Linoleum (4178) w. lacquered walnut & chrome base

Steel, wood veneer, Forbo linoleum.

AV16: H: 74cm, W: 130cm, D: 65cm
AV17: H: 81cm, W: 132cm, D: 66cm, Tabletop height: 74cm