Origami Modular Sofa

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A softly drawn curve and a harmonic convex shape – that was the beginning of the sofa Origami. The two dimensional idea was then transformed into a complex three-dimensional form in the same way that one does
when folding origami. Origami has a solid wood frame and no-zag in the seat cushion. Multiple layers of foam padding and a backrest consisting of soft foam of various densities create maximum seating comfort. Origami is available in several different widths and it is also possible to supplement with corner elements and ottoman. Also available Origami chair.

- Removable fabric upholstery, arm rest has to be taken out of the frame
- Not available with Alcantara-upholstery
- In use, the fabric on the seat surface might wave to a certain extent

Upon request

*Price per module from €2,262*