Moon Night Rug

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Ocean is a high quality handknotted rug made of best quality New Zealand wool mixed with Bamboo fibre.

The combination of New Zealand wool and Bamboo gives a very durable rug with a light shine which is easy to maintain. The quality of the fibres minimises peeling to almost nothing.The production of Bamboo is sustainable as it thrives without any pesticides, New Zealand wool is made with animal friendly practices and both fibres are sustainable, natural and biodegradable and thus very eco-friendly materials.

Underlay carpet is recommended. 

Suitable for domestic and contract use in areas with moderate traffic.

50% Bamboo, 50% New Zealand wool

Available Sizes
170×240 cm
200×300 cm
Dia. 200 cm 
Dia. 240 cm 

Custom Sizes
Yes 4-6 months delivery