Monterey Desk

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This Monterey table's clean lines enable it to adapt perfectly to many areas, such as a work table or sideboard. It is ideal for u..


Camomile, New white, Snow, White, Vanilla, Oat, Pomelo, Mist, Rosehip, Nordic, Rhubarb, Oyster, Iris, Mushroom, Cumin, Caribe, Hokkaido, Flint, Turmeric, Fjord, Amber, Truffle, Beetroot, Graphic, Fennel, Hazelnut, Coffee, Masala, Azure, Coal, Oregano, Anthracite, Monarch, Balsamic, Parsley, Shadow, Juniper, Pine, Black jade, Black

30 mm lacquered MDF

W 160 cm, H 72 cm, D 80 cm