Montana Mega 201803

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This sideboard has four compartments with doors, three shelves and two drawers. This all adds up to plenty of storage space and a versatile piece of furniture. This sideboard in the Montana Mega series is especially well-suited for the larger rooms in your home for example the living room, the dining room, the bedroom or even a large guestroom. With the Montana Mega sideboard we make it easy for you to choose. The configuration of the components cannot be changed or added to. The depth is 38 cm on either legs or plinth.

W 115.2 x H 103.8 x D 38 cm

Pomelo, White, New White, Snow, Vanilla, Oyster, Mist, Nordic, Oat, Camomile, Flint, Clay, Fjord, Mushroom, Ruby, Acacia, Azure, Fennel, Truffle, Graphic, Iris, Rhubarb, Cumin, Monarch, Parsley, Coffee, Coal, Rosehip, Amber, Juniper, Pine, Oregano, Anthracite, Masala, Beetroot, Hokkaido, Shadow, Black Jade, Black, Balsamic, Hazelnut