Montana Cover

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The COVER cabinet have two cabinet doors with two shelves inside. The cabinet is one of Montana's classic storage solutions and is an ideal fit for any room in your home. The cabinet with doors both work as stand-alone and together with other Montana cabinets or shelving units. Either in a vertical storage solution or by placing shelves and cabinets in one line to create a horisontal shelving system.

W 69.6 x H 72.6 x D 30 cm

Pomelo, White, New White, Snow, Vanilla, Oyster, Mist, Nordic, Oat, Camomile, Flint, Clay, Fjord, Mushroom, Ruby, Acacia, Azure, Fennel, Truffle, Graphic, Iris, Rhubarb, Cumin, Monarch, Parsley, Coffee, Coal, Rosehip, Amber, Juniper, Pine, Oregano, Anthracite, Masala, Beetroot, Hokkaido, Shadow, Black Jade, Black, Balsamic, Hazelnut