Model 548

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Design by Gino Sarfatti

The table lamp designed in 1951 is a study in balance and light reflection through a screen, a recurring theme in Gino Sarfatti’s work. Model 548 provides both reflected and diffused light due to the adjustable spotlight that is directed up towards a reflecting screen.

The large diffuser in orange, blue or white methacrylate provides a highly sophisticated light effect and is an essential part of the illusion and the play with perception. The spotlight in white painted aluminium is mounted on a tubular stem in polished or burnished brass, while a small brass bar at the base serves as a counterweight in the beautiful balancing act of the individual elements of Model 548.

∅: 50cm H: 50cm

Brass Structure, Opaline Methacrylate Diffuser

Dark Burnished Brass with Orange Diffuser
Dark Burnished Brass with Grey Diffuser
Polished Brass with Azure Diffuser
Polished Brass with Grey Diffuser