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Living With Art

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This book takes you on private visits to ten Danish contemporary artists, where we are allowed be- hind-the-scenes insight into the creative process. We see both ongoing and completed works, the materials, tools and thought processes used. Through conversations with the artists, we are par- ty to their own stories as to why they became artists, and how they arrived to where they are to- day. What consumes them? What drives them? What inspires them?

After each artist portrait, we are welcomed inside the individual homes of true art collectors. Some are vibrant and colourful. Others are monochrome and more subdued. Some are very feminine while others exude masculinity. The common denominator is that they are brimming with art and that everything has been thought through. They also happen to have a work by the artist we have just visit- ed. We ask what art means to them and show how they align themselves with the pieces.