BRDR Kruger

Jari Low Ellipse Coffee Table

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Brdr. Krüger has collaborated with OEO Studio to create a series of coffee & side tables in solid oak. The Jari Low Tables are well-balanced between sculptural beauty and adaptable functionality. The fluid and compelling design, can soften interior uniformity and bring any space to life.

The different shapes, sizes and heights, are well-proportioned to function both as stand-alones or clustered together, offering interior designers creative freedom in all possible seating arrangements, small or large. The tables are shaped as organic circles or ellipses with rounded soft edges for a smooth touch. The legs have narrowing profiles for a floating appearance.

The Jari low tables are proudly crafted in the Brdr. Krüger family workshop in Denmark from a mix of modern and traditional methods, resulting in a strong and durable design intended to last for generations.

Oiled Oak
Fumed Oiled Oak

Ellipse - L: 130cm, W: 58cm, H: 35cm
Ellipse - L: 180cm, W: 80cm, H: 25cm