Normann Copenhagen

Deko Objects

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Deko Objects are a series of sculptural objects designed to evoke creativity and personal expression. Comprising a range of different sizes and colors, the objects can be stacked on top of one another to create the desired expression. Use Deko as a decorative element, as a vase or transform it into a functional container for storage purposes with an optional lid in a matching colour. 

S1 : H: 1,6 x Ø: 10 cm
S2 : H: 12 x W: 16 x L: 16 cm
S3 : H: 14 x W: 16 x L: 16 cm
S4 : H: 16 x W: 16 x L: 16 cm
S5 : H: 6 x W: 16 x L: 16 cm