Carl Hansen & Søn

E300 Embrace Modular Sofa

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A streamlined wooden frame and unparalleled upholstered comfort strike the perfect balance on the flexible, modular Embrace Sofa, designed by EOOS to adapt to our changing needs and real-life situations.

Several years in the making to ensure a design that would stand the test of time, the Embrace Sofa has a classic look and a contemporary casualness. The modular design minimizes the materials used so that the look embodies the design and the design embodies the look – without compromising on comfort or function.  

Comprising ten modules, each of which is combinable in every way imaginable yet can also stand alone, solid FSC™-certified wooden frames, armrests and tables are stringent in their expression while flexible in their composition(FSC C135991). A layer of soft feather down on the upholstered seat and loose cushions add contrast, providing a pleasant, embracing comfort that holds its shape over time.

Blending effortlessly into any space, the versatile design can be adjusted to any need – whether classic, symmetrical, expressive or sculptural. Create your perfect form with our online configurator.

Oak (Oil, White Oil, Soap,Black Veneer)
Walnut (Oil, Lacquer)

Fabric, Leather.