Bureau Desk

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BUREAU is a small workdesk that elegantly integrates into the home office, living room and bedroom interior. BUREAU have two large trays that can be removed entirely from the module which provides great overview of the contents. Besides the trays BUREAU has a shelf and a cupboard beneath the worktop.

Camomile, New white, Snow, White, Vanilla, Oat, Pomelo, Mist, Rosehip, Nordic, Rhubarb, Oyster, Iris, Mushroom, Cumin, Caribe, Hokkaido, Flint, Turmeric, Fjord, Amber, Truffle, Beetroot, Graphic, Fennel, Hazelnut, Coffee, Masala, Azure, Coal, Oregano, Anthracite, Monarch, Balsamic, Parsley, Shadow, Juniper, Pine, Black jade, Black

30 mm lacquered MDF