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Bláthanna - Irish spaces in Flower

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Blathanna, the Irish for ‘flowers’ is such a simple word. This book is a testament to the magic when artistic vision meets a deep knowledge of flora and & an inherent understanding of space. Our book is a creative curation of floral short stories in exceptional spaces, the length & breadth of Ireland. Drawing from Irish countryside textures and seasonal blooms, elegant rooms and magnificient exteriors, this anthology shows how creativity with flowers can be inspired & reimagined.

As the team behind Appassionata Flowers (Ruth Monahan, Ultan Devaney, Kasia Skopinska), we wanted to view this amazing landscape we call home through a floral lens. We combined our floral artistry with breath-taking photography by Yvette Monahan & Seán Breithaupt & poetic thoughtful writing by Ruth to create a joyous celebration of both floristry, and Ireland itself.



W: 24.5 cm, L: 30.5 cm