A chat with By Thornam

A chat with By Thornam

Mads Thornam, CEO and founder of By Thornam on the importance of lounging

What triggered your decision to work in design and illustration?
Design has always been a passion of mine yet it remained a hobby for many years while I worked at advertising and media agencies in Denmark and abroad. In 2015, I finally took a leap of faith and founded BY THORNAM.

What was the first piece you created?
THE M was my first design that embodied everything I wanted BY THORNAM to stand for: A design that instantaneously soothes the body and mind. I love that it screams out, ‘come and chill with me’. And I love that it has a multipurpose function that I can change according to my mood.

What inspires your work?
Everything. I am inspired 24/7 by shapes, sizes, people, colors and materials.

What design item would you invest in and why?
Pieces from the Mangas Collection by Patricia Urquiola. I love that everything she makes has a laid back and ´loungy´ feel. I love the playfulness and admire the craftsmanship.

What motivates you?
It motivates me that – hopefully – our design will live and stay for generations.

Is there anything in your career you wish you’d done differently?
I wish I had started designing furniture earlier in my life. I have so many ideas that needs to live.

Please share a career highlight.
Introducing THE M at the North Modern trade show in Copenhagen. It was a scary feeling not knowing how people would react to the design, but the response was overwhelming and it fueled my urge to make design that excites all your senses and opens your creative mind.