Petite Friture

Quasar Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

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Aluminum Quasar portable lamp

Nomadic lamp, Quasar was born from the collaboration between Samy Rio and Petite Friture. Truculent and unique, this designer lamp can be used indoors and outdoors. Its name is a tribute to astronomy , a Quasar is a star considered to be the most luminous in the universe.

The autonomy of  this wireless lamp allows it to be moved according to your desires. Functional and elegant, its design is a perfect compromise between technical and aesthetic choices. For completely nomadic use, a cord adorns this portable lamp. Rot-proof, it allows it to be hung outdoors while retaining its resistance.
The Quasar portable lamp has  3 light colours  (from warm white to cold white) and 3 light intensities  for different mood proposals.

Emerald Green, Olive-Green, Black, Aluminium, Siena

Aluminum, PC, ABS and polyester, b
lack plastic USB-C cable, supplied, length 1m

H: 26cm, Top: ⌀17cm, Bottom: ⌀7cm