Omaggio Nuovo Vase H30

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Omaggio Nuovo is a hand-painted vase series from Kähler. It is a renewal of the well-known Omaggio series, which was first launched in 2008 and today is a modern classic. When Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft – known as the design duo Stilleben – made the Omaggio vase series, they wanted to create a modern homage to Kahler’s world-famous art ceramics. Omaggio Nuovo, meaning "new tribute" in Italian, a recognizable but innovative signature design in Kähler's collection. Stilleben has looked back in the Kähler archive to rediscover colorful, playful new ways to add stripes and colour. The new Omaggio Nuovo has been given an update in shape and has a visual recognition as well as strong reference to old Kähler vases. The hand-painted stripes provide depth and life and tell you about the craftsmanship that lies in each vase. The colors and stripes of the glazes are inspired by the old striped vases and chosen with a respect and interest in earlier times in our culture. With its iconic shape and hand-painted stripes, Omaggio Nuovo celebrates the historic craftsmanship and appeals widely to flower enthusiasts and design lovers.


Hand painted ceramics


Height: 30 cm