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Architecture at the Heart of the Home

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A visual survey that explores the essence of exactly what makes a home unique.

A house has walls and ceilings, and perhaps a garden and boundary fence that delineates ‘yours from theirs’ – but there is always that place within a home that is special and becomes its beating heart. This book sets out to challenge the preconceived ideas of what this could be.

In this book, a heart takes many forms. Each of its twenty-two projects has an individuality that comes from its particular heart, and that influences the design and narrative of the home. It could be the human connection to nature or the physical link between the interior and the exterior, a view, a particular room, or even an architectural feature. These projects speak of architecture as both part of the Australian landscape and the means through which the landscape is experienced: but the architecture is always the hero.

The projects in Architecture at the Heart of the Home are not necessarily grand or opulent, though every style of design and architecture is featured on its pages; but each has that extraordinary place that makes the heart beat and fills the soul with happiness.

24 × 2.8 × 30 cm