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Summer has finally come to Ireland, it has taken a while but we are now enjoying the sun each day as they come as we all know that the weather in Ireland changes often from minute to minute. So, time to fire up the barbecue and eat al fresco and why not do it in style with the beautiful and very useful products from Danish company RO Collection, true Scandinavian style that is timeless.

Light a few candles to keep the bugs away, a little trick – you can get citronella nightlights in many stores such as Woodies (Ireland) or Homebase (UK) and they work wonders in keeping those pesky bugs away if you are sitting outside late at night enjoying the summer evenings.

Eating outside is always a joy, we spend so much time indoors during the Winter and cooler months, so when the weather finally co-operates, take every opportunity to sit outside with your coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks – any excuse. Have you noticed that al fresco eating seems to be much simpler as well, something on bbq a salad or two and a stick of bread. This can of course all be shop bought and prepared, but really not that hard to put together. A few of my old favourites that appears every year are:

Asparagus wrapped in parma ham – drizzle with olive oil, on the bbq or in the over for a few minutes and serve with shaved parmesan – Done!

Salads – use a mandolin if you have one, shave a fennel, a couple of apples and mix with watercress and sesame seeds. Mix a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with lemon juice, salt & pepper and drizzle over – sooo tasty and refreshing.


Serve your salads in the beautiful handmade bowls in muted colours of the sea. home accessories ireland


For the person in charge of the barbeque we have the stylish and very useful barbeque tools which would also be the perfect gift as they are presented in a cool hessian bag tied with a leather string.   home accessories ireland


The Toolbox No. 4 is perfect to carry all your condiments, glasses and napkins to the terrace – useful and not just a pretty object. home accessories ireland


Keep a few blankets in this gorgeous wire basket if the summer evening should get a little chilly – no need to rush inside, in Scandinavia we get the most out of our bright summer evenings and what’s better than to just wrap up in a blanket and stay outside for a little longer. home accessories ireland



And lastly, don’t forget the ice for the drinks – use the Cylinda Ice Cooler from Stelton – a true classic which has a very important purpose (ice for the G&T’s).



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